Thursday, October 18, 2018

Black Friday 2018 and Safe Shopping Tips

Black Friday 2018: Be safe Shop More

Black Friday is the most celebrated day of the Shopping Season. The huge deals and discounts along with the amazing offers are the best thing that it offers to the on shoppers. Black Friday 2018 is around the corner. So mark your Calendar on 23rd November that is the fourth Friday of November 2018. The day hits on an unofficial beginning of Christmas Shopping spree since 1952. The year 2005 brought in a trend of Black Friday being the busiest day for the retailers and largest shopping occasion. Black Friday Sale is this year onset of the Shopping Party this year.

In the boisterous Shopping Season, You are not only at arm's length by other shoppers but with the frauds and cheaters too. Since, the initiation of all kind of shopping to be an online mode, the Black Friday also invites a lot of Online frauds to commit their crime. Various methods are applied by the retailers to provide you the safest pathway for payment for your shopping. We wish that you do heed to the warning alarms and follow the safety measures instead of reckless shopping. Do not let the conmen spoil your shopping experience and lower down your enthusiasm for the holidays.

Following are some important points that you must keep in mind while going shopping crazy this Shopping Season.

  •  Watch out for Fake Website – Many fake websites with their pretentious acts bring up the crazy offers that are totally unbelievable and much lower in cost than what the genuine sites are selling for. Keep track if the links you are accessing or the websites you are visiting are safe and not preposterous.
  • Pay by Credit Card – Credit cards offer consumers protection if things go wrong with a purchase. Be suspicious if a website asks you to make a bank transfer instead of paying by card.
  • Make sure the Website is Secure – The frauds may link in the websites while u think you are buying from the legit website the money is being transferred to a frauds’ account.
  • Beware Phishy Email – Phishing messages are extremely common. They are designed to appear from a trusted organization such as your bank or HMRC or familiar retailers like Apple, Tesco and Argos and the aim is to dupe consumers into revealing personal details.
  • Do not Trust Fraudulent messages from social media handles even if they are from colleagues and friends.
  • False Freebies on Social Media – Do not believe in the too good to be true deals from the Social Media Handles.
  • Avoid Shopping on Public Wifi
  • Don’t Fall for Click and Receive Scams.
  • When shopping on eBay Stick to the Rules - Always pay by Paypal - most items will be protected by eBay's Money Back Guarantee. Scammers will try and get you to pay by bank transfer or a service such as Moneygram or Western Union. Do this and you forfeit your protection.
  • Read the reviews and selling history before making purchases.
  • Act Fast if you think you have been scammed - As it stands banks will only refund customers who have been defrauded on their credit card, debit card or a transaction has been made without their authorization. This applies if the customer has not been "negligent."   

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